March Australia

Australians united for a better government


March Australia (previously March in March Australia) began as a series of national protests that were held in over 32 locations across Australia in March 2014. It was organised by named members of the concerned public, remains unassociated with any political party or organisation and is devoted to total transparency. Along with over 50,000 supporters from Facebook alone, we marched with the 100,000 Australians who peacefully protested as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government, with the aim of achieving the best possible government for all of Australia.

"Australians united for a better Government" is a unified call for decency, accountability and transparency from and within the Australian Government. The result of the hasty and heavy-handed approach by the Abbott Government has been that this call is still imminent and necessary – we cannot wait silently as our country is systematically torn apart.

Australians are no longer willing to simply wait until the next election to be heard and as the movement continues to grow, the number of issues of concern to people still expands rapidly. That is why March Australia does not restrict the collective goal to a limited list or set of concerns, but instead encouraged supporters to march for the issues important to them under the collective sentiment of “Australians united for a better Government”.

The purest of campaigns are grown from grassroots and that is exactly what this has been - built from the bottom-up. Throughout history there has been little room for everyday people to begin such a national movement but that is what makes all the difference. We marched as one from all walks of life in hopes of motivating Australians to make use of their voice beyond the ballot-box, therefore participation by any and all peaceful supporters of the cause has always been welcomed and encouraged.