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March in March 2017

March in March is, and always has been, the combined effort of ordinary Australians from a variety of backgrounds who are fed up with the decisions and actions of our Government. Marchers travel from all across the country to protest and are not limited to any one category; be it socio-economic status, age, race, faith, background, political-inclination etc. They do, however, have one thing in common - they've absolutely had enough.

March Australia, branching from the first March in March in 2014, has developed as a way to continue to hold the Government accountable by maintaining public awareness regarding issues that require such attention.

As a collective, March Australia insists that the Government should always, regardless of party, adhere to three basic, but imperative principles; decency, transparency and accountability. Under these three principles, we will protest a number of pressing matters that Australians are most concerned about. These include, but are not limited to, the following issues:

Our Government has made every effort to reduce public spending to a fraction of what is necessary. In doing so, by slashing vital services for the homeless, domestic violence sufferers and the public health system (including, of course, Medicare), as well as the reduction of already inadequate welfare benefits, they are costing this country something far greater than money - human lives. We demand decency toward those who need it most.

We have witnessed harsh and inhumane treatment of those seeking asylum and will not stand silently as it continues. While children spend their childhood in horrid conditions on Manus and Nauru, and human beings are left to suffer severe mental and physical consequences of fleeing hellish circumstances, we demand that our Government #bringthemhere. After all, it is supposed to be the 'Australian way'. We require decency toward those seeking asylum.

Following our New Zealand neighbours, we believe that love is love and marriage is a right - not a privilege - that should be granted to all equally, despite their sexual orientation. It's time for equal marriage rights in Australia - in fact it's well overdue. We do not want a plebiscite, we want legislation. Marriage equality should be high on the Government's priorities for 2017 because it's decent and it's fair.

Environmental concerns have increased tenfold since the very first March in March as we watch our beloved Great Barrier Reef rapidly die and our heritage listed areas disregarded, as well as the decline of the land, health and safety of many rural Australians in the path of CSG mining, all for the sake of profit. The most pressing environmental concern of course is the Government's disregard of internationally renowned climate science and the looming consequences of climate change. We demand accountability for these issues before it is too late.

Social issues such as Islamophobia in the wake of numerous, false terrorism alerts, as well as the increasing Xenophonia amongst Australians and the disregard of the insensitive and unfair treatment of our country's First People, can all be traced back to our Government. We wish to hold them accountable for this and demand social decency from this Government, as they are the example set for the communities they serve.

Amidst these pressing issues, Australians are subjected to the insult of learning of the vast entitlement of those who are constantly spouting the over-entitlement of Australians, our politicians. We demand greater transparency and accountability from Australian politicians regarding their entitlements and echo the resounding calls for a federal ICAC.

Despite our concerns being previously dismissed in some cases as too broad, we are very specific in the issues that we seek to have resolved for the betterment of our country. In response to some conservative media's prior accusations that there are too many matters being protested, perhaps they should join us to take it up with our Government as they have given us just so many pressing topics to protest.

The blatant disregard of our country, her people and the concerns of such should not be tolerated by any Australian, let alone those who are truly paying attention. That's why we ask each and every person living on this land to rise with us and be heard by getting feet on the streets this March 25th. This collective effort simply cannot be ignored - we WILL be heard.

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